‘Fortress of the Muslim’ is a tiny but smart book. It has Supplications (Prayers) for every thing possible. And is a total must have  in your backpacks or handbags! I have one of this at home and one in my bag. The supplications are really small too. When you do not know the language, memorizing is always a problem. So what I do is write them on sticky notes and stick them up where they have to be said. So I automatically memorize them :-). For example, I have a supplication stuck outside my house so i read it before entering. one inside near the main door, so I recite it before leaving. One on the inside of the driver’s seat sunshade in the car, so I can read it before I travel. And lots more. You can either buy this book or take it from the link I have for Supplications under Blogroll ;-). But my suggestion is to buy it. Like I said IT’S A MUST HAVE!