The traditions of certain societies have prevailed over Allah’s Shari’ah concerning this matter. Their wrong habits have overcome the rule of religion so much so that when one presents the rule of the Shari’ah to them, he is accused of being backward.

Shaking the hand of one’s female cousins, or one’s uncles’ wives has become as easy as falling off a log in our societies, but if people considered seriously the dangers of this matter in the Shari’ah, they would not do it. The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said,

“It is better for one of you to be pierced by an iron needle in the head than to touch the hand of a woman that is not allowed to him.” (Tabarani)

This sin is considered a fornication of the hand, as the Prophet (SAW),  said, “The eyes fornicate, and the hands fornicate, and the feet fornicate, and the intimate parts fornicate.” (Ahmad)

Is there a person purer than Muhammad (SAW)? And in spite of that he said, “I do not shake women’s hands.” (Ahmad) He also said, “I do not touch women’s hands.” (Tabarani)

Aisha, radhiallahu anha, said, “No by Allah, the Prophet’s hand never touched a woman’s hand, he used to accept their pledge of allegiance by [hearing their] words only.” (Muslim)

Men who threaten to divorce their pious wives if they refuse to shake their brothers’ hands should fear Allah. It should also be known that wearing a glove or wrapping the hand with a cloth while shaking hands is not allowed either.