People who live away from Mosques or cannot hear the Azan or live in places that do not permit the Azan to be heard outside the Mosque, here is the solution! Get an AZAN CLOCK! Its a real good buy. All you have to do is set in  the place you live in which is very easy. It has its instructions. You can either have the Azan on for all the Salahs or just the ones you want. I have all 5 on. Its like an Alarm in the Morning. Its has volume settings as well. At its maximum the Azan is audible to the entire house. You can either hang it or keep it on a table or so. I hung it so I don’t turn it off even by mistake. I just love it. And it is the best gift I have received so far my entire life, Mashallah Thank you Brother-in-law, really thoughtful.