1. Niyat :

          • The Niyat should be for Allah only.

          • For a fasting to be accepted, niyat should be made.

2. Sunnah of Fast:

          • Observe Sunnah of the Fast.

          • Have suhoor as late as possible, just before the break of dawn, just before the Fajr Salah.

          • Break our fast, have Iftar as early as possible, immediately after sunset.

3. Avoid all things that are prohibited and makruh.

4. Implement Sunnah.

5. Offer Salah:

          • Fard.

          • As many as Nafl and Sunnah possible.

          • Read in congregation.

          • As far as possible go to the mosque for the Salah.

          • Do not miss Tarawih – Very important Sunnah.

          • Do not rush through Tarawih, read with patience, so you can understand what .command of Allah (SWT) is.

6. I’tikaf in last 10 days:

          • Don’t socialize during I’tikaf.

7. More supplications.

8. More Dhikr.

9. Read as much as Qur’an possible:

          • If Arabic is your language, no problem.

          • If not, also read the translation in the language you understand the best.

          • At least read one Juz per day so you can complete the Qur’an once in the Holy month of Ramadan.

10. Hadith:

          • Read as much as Hadith possible.

          • Read authentic Hadith.

          • Book of Sahih al-Bukhari, Muslim, etc.

11. Books:

          • Life style of Prophet (SAW).

12. Zakat:

          • It’s an obligatory charity.

          • Any rich person with more than 85 grams of gold, he or she should give 2.5% of the saving.

          • Calculate honestly.

          • Better give more than less.

13. Sadaqah:

          • 10 times more reward during the month of Ramadan.

14. Family:

          • Spend more time with family.

          • Do all activities collectively.

15. Other People:

          • Deal with other human beings with mercy, love and care.

          • Forgive them.

          • Ask for forgiveness.

16. Ponder on things.

17. Plan your month of Ramadan efficiently.

18. Don’t waste not even a minute, not even a second.

19. This is the month of cleaning.

20. Best month for Self Improvement.

21. Best month to convey the message of Islam to the Non-Muslims.