The billboard on your right, the blaring musicon your left, the movie playing on your front.Instead of watching and listening to it, smell it! Yes, smell it. It is like a heap of trash on the street and it stinks! If one was to take a bottle of the most expensive and exquisite smelling perfume and pour it over the trash, would it make the awful smell go way? Of course not. Irrespective of the type of perfume you spray on it, the trash will stink. As a matter of fact, the smell will only increase.
Now in order for you to cleanse and purify the area of that smell, you must remove the trash first and then adorn it with the fragrance of perfume.Similar is the situation of our lives. There are many things that distract us from our purpose in life, things that are of no benefit, things that cloud our senses, things that stop us from GETTING SOMETHING DONE, things that are in other words trash.

We fool ourselves into believing that by spraying some perfume (adopting outward or occasional piety), that this will make the bad smell go away. That’s not how things work.The filth of music, movies, junk food, bad company makes a person dirty and the way to purify ones self is to get rid of the trash!

Hisham Al Hadi