The other day my friend told me, ‘Thank god I’m not a Muslim, I can’t wear all this niqab.’

How am I supposed to react to this? Pity her? It only made me think how ignorant she is. She couldn’t see my reaction as I was wearing a niqab. Why do people think that every Muslim who follows Islam is being forced to do so? Wearing a niqab doesn’t discomfort me. I wear a niqab because I love wearing it and it makes me feel so close to Allah and protected from dirty attention. I wouldn’t like to expose myself to every random man and attract unwanted attention. to me thats so disgusting! It’s not even obligatory in Islam to wear a niqab! What about the women in France who are fighting for their rights to wear a niqab in France? Are all of them being forced to fight? I am glad Islam has the concept of hijab. It is so comforting to men and women with knowledge. The amazing things you achieve by doing hijab and niqab are

  • No one can judge your financial status.
  • Your jewelry isn’t exposed, so i guess you don’t get robbed on the street :-).
  • Your skin is protected from from everything free of cost.
  • Your hair stays healthy.
  • No one gets to admire your body’s figure.
  • Your partner is very secure about you.
  • You gain respect.
  • The evil can’t spot you.
  • You are not the reason for ruining some man’s relationship with his partner.
  • You don’t get the sin of attracting a man’s attention in a dirty way.
  • You don’t cause the feeling of jealousy in another woman’s heart.
  • You don’t let other women feel insecure about their external beauty.
  • You get to inspire other men and women to follow Islam. So you get their reward as well :-).
  • You don’t spend unnecessary money on shopping expensive clothes or accessories or make up.
  • No man in his right mind would approach you to flirt with you.
  • You don’t have to spend all that time getting ready.
  • It is a sunnah as the wives of Prophet Muhammad (saw) used to do this.
  • Almost forgot! Your face gains Noor. You get a clear face and beautiful skin ;-), Mashallah.
  •  And the best part, everybody knows you’re a believer.

When you do it for the love of Allah not even the blaring sun would be a problem. Unless and until you understand why hijab is necessary, no one will like it. Hope this helped.

Allah knows best.