In the grave, people cannot do any more good things for themselves. Their deeds and actions would be over. Hence, it is recommended that they do something good while they are alive before they go to the grave. There arecertain items that they can do while alive which follow them in the grave. These good deeds aill supply them with reward while they will be in the grave. Some of these good things are ropored in this hadith as narrated by Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with him) sayin that the Prophet (SAW) said :

When a child of Adamdies, his deeds are over except through three things : perpetual charity, u useful knowledge, or a good child to pray for him.

Since all of us are to die and we have to live inside the grave, it is better that we help one another now and later. The following is a partial list of what we can do for one another:

  1. Make du’a’ of forgiveness and mercy for deceased.
  2. Give charity (sadaqah) and zakat on behalf of the deceased.
  3. Perform Hajj (pilgrimage) on their behalf.
  4. Perform extra salat on their behalf
  5. Give water to the thirsty people on behalf of the deceased.
  6. Fast any number of days outside the month of Ramadan for the deceased.
  7. Read Qur’an on their behalf.
  8. Teach Qur’an or request someone to teach Qur’an on their behalf.
  9. Spread knowledge through TV, radio, books and other literature on their behalf.
  10. Remember the good deeds of the deceased. Remind yourselves about the good achievements of the deceased. We are not to remember or even to mention their mistakes.

All of us are in need of these while we are in the graves. Otherwise, we may be penalized daily. We may cry for help nut in vain. Allah may allow the soul of the deceased to come over in our dreams to remind us of their needs for our du’a’ and other good deeds on their behalf. I hope and pray that we do something good for the deceased before we ourselves go to our graves.

By Dr. Ahmad H. Sakr