Hamalat al-‘Arsh Those who carry the ‘Arsh (throne of God)
Jibraaiyl The angel of revelation, who is said to be the greatest of the angels. Jibraaiyl is the archangel responsible for revealing the Qur’an to Muhammad, verse by verse. Jibrayil is widely known as the angel who communicates with (all of) the prophets and also for coming down with Allah’s blessings during the night of Laylat al-Qadr (“The Night of Destiny”).
Israfeel Who will blow the trumpet twice at the end of time. According to the Hadith, Israafeel is the angel responsible for signalling the coming of Qiyamah (Judgment Day) by blowing a horn. The blowing of the trumpet is described in many places in Qur’an. It is said that the first blow will bring all to attention. The second will end all life,  while the third blow will bring all human beings back to life again to meet their Lord for their final judgement.
Mikaa’eel Who provides nourishments for bodies and souls. Mikaa’eel is often depicted as the Archangel of mercy who is responsible for bringing rain and thunder to Earth. He is also responsible for the rewards doled out to good persons in this life.
‘Izraa’eel The angel of death. He is responsible for parting the soul from the body. He is only referred as malak al-maut, meaning angel of death, in the Qur’an.
Hafaza  (The Guardian Angel)
(i) Kiraman Katibin (Honourable Recorders) Two of whom are charged with each human being; one writes down good deeds, and the other writes down evil deeds.
(ii) Mu’aqqibat (The Protectors) Who keep people from death until its decreed time and who bring down blessings.
Munkar and Nakir They are two angels whose main responsibility is to interrogate each deceased person in the grave. Their eyes are like a pot, teeth are like horns of steer and his voice is like a thunderstorm.
Darda’il (The Journeyers) Who travel in the earth searching out assemblies where people remember God’s name.
Maalik the chief of the angels who govern Jahannam (Hell)
Zabaniah 19 angels who torment sinful persons in hell.
Ridwan The angel who is responsible for Jannah (Paradise).