Salaf women are the best role models for our mothers, sisters, daughters, wives. From the Salaf women, the best of women are those granted the glad tidings of entering theJannah like Umm Khadeejah, Faatimah, Maryam and ‘Aasiyah (may Allaah be pleased with them all).

The point that will be focused is in the form of an individual question, ‘are our women aware of their rightly guided role models’ ? Not just limited to the hijaab which is becoming obsolete as well, but in their over all character ? How do our women react to the incidents when a beloved person of our family dies ? When our women meet each other, what is the topic of their chit chat about ? how do our women behave when they are walking in the market, educational institutions and in their families ?

Once they were women and once we were men!

There is a world of difference between the Arabic words Nisaa’ (woman) and Unthaa (female) – and Rajul (man) and Dakar (male). Not every male who grows his beard becomes a man, and not every female who delivers a baby becomes a woman, but manhood and womanhood can only be achieved when your relationship with your Creator is extremely powerful and your relationship with His creation is extremely merciful with justice.

To have a more view over it, Watch this, Manhood and Womanhood in Islaam (2011) by Yassir Fazaga

Most of the Muslim men don’t want women to get education because then they will be exposed to their rights. But women need to return to the behaviour of the Salaf women who had this thirst of acquiring the knowledge of Islaam as it is an obligation upon them. They need to organize halaqas and let women teach women and let them work in a group with peace. Women today are going away from Islaam and it is due to the lack of the knowledge of their rights in Islaam. They search their rights in fashion, they think freedom lies in becomes a beauty queen and free women is the one who can strip her clothes whenever and wherever she wants. Men are to be blamed for this because they are the one who never allowed women to enter into Islaam in the way Salaf women were in it. They were happy even in poverty and tough times. They glorified Allaah when good and bad things happened. Next generation is in the hands of women, if they are ignorant about Islaam and the knowledge of this world, then what will happen to the next generation? Media is brainwashing the daughters of Ummah, if we remain as we are, there will be extreme imbalance and it will be too late for us to turn back. The flow of our intellect is towards media, media in their hands, flow of media is towards hell.

We need to remind ourselves this sign of Allaah, “Allaah does not change the condition of people until they change what is in themselves.”