keeping secrets

concealing faults

not telling him about the bad things that people say about him

telling him about good things that people say about him which will make him happy

listening attentively when he is speaking

avoiding arguments

calling him by the name that he likes best

praising him for his best obvious characteristics

thanking him for favours that he does

defending him in his absence; helping him when he needs help without waiting for him to ask

advising him in a gentle and indirect manner – if he there is a need for that

forgiving him for his mistakes; not criticising him

praying for him in private when he is alive and after he dies

expressing joy at things that make him happy and sorrow at things that make him sad

greeting him first when meeting him; making room for him in a gathering; offering your place to him

seeing him out when he leaves

listening attentively when he speaks until he has finished speaking

and in general treating him as one would like to be treated.