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Supplication Dictionary — July 23, 2011

Supplication Dictionary

‘Fortress of the Muslim’ is a tiny but smart book. It has Supplications (Prayers) for every thing possible. And is a total must have  in your backpacks or handbags! I have one of this at home and one in my bag. The supplications are really small too. When you do not know the language, memorizing is always a problem. So what I do is write them on sticky notes and stick them up where they have to be said. So I automatically memorize them :-). For example, I have a supplication stuck outside my house so i read it before entering. one inside near the main door, so I recite it before leaving. One on the inside of the driver’s seat sunshade in the car, so I can read it before I travel. And lots more. You can either buy this book or take it from the link I have for Supplications under Blogroll ;-). But my suggestion is to buy it. Like I said IT’S A MUST HAVE! 

Mastering the Art of French Cooking! —

Mastering the Art of French Cooking!

Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child! I got this book a few days back after I watched the movie ‘Julie and Julia’. If you like cooking you should watch the movie. The movie is totally clean. And it is based on real lives. The book is filled with French dishes and its got pictures in it as well :-). This is the 1st part of the book. The best part is that Julia Child also explains what are the types of Kitchen Equipments to own, what are their names, and their uses, from pans to knifes! It has a little pork and wine you will have to avoid in in. Otherwise, it is simply AM-AE-ZING!

Act according to The Qur’an — July 21, 2011

Act according to The Qur’an

Good for everyone who understands Arabic, they can understand what the Qur’an says. But for people who do not like me, should get an English Qur’an or which ever language you are well versed in. Because we are supposed to follow what the Qur’an says and how are we going to do it if we do not understand it? But yet the best way to read The Qur’an is in Arabic as it is the language The Qur’an came down in. So we should sign up for Arabic classes, Inshallah. These classes could be a little expensive at certain places. But where there is a will there is a way. Inshallah. Pray for it and Allah will find you and me a way. I cant afford it either right now. But I can afford the English Qur’an. Its just Rs.400 in Indian currency. Its called Towards Understanding The Qur”an, by Sayyid Abul A’la Maududi. Its beautiful Mashallah. Never knew reading The Qur’an could be interesting.

Stories of the PROPHETS (Peace be upon them) —

Stories of the PROPHETS (Peace be upon them)

This book is by Ibn Kathir published by Darussalam. Trust me, you’ve got to read this book. Mashallah it is so amazing! It has every tiny detail about every Prophet (PBUT) who have been mentioned in The Qur’an and The Hadith. I was always curious about the Prophets (PBUT) before Prophet Muhammad (SAW). It has really beautiful information in it. I was pretty addicted to it when i was reading it. I cant even compare it to any other book, it is so good, Mashallah. Anyway Allah know best. I think you should read it, Inshallah.