Eyes Silk EyelinerAntimony
Heart Diseases Seven Dry Dates from Al-Medina ground with seeds
Sperm Production increaseOvercome male Sterility Figs
Balance of DiabeticsGlycerine Index Sweet Potato
Clear waste material Onions
Fever Cold water
Diarrhea Honey with Warm water
WoundsCuts Ashes of Burnt Palm leaves
Body Rashes Silk
Dropsy Camel Milk
Sciatica Fat from the tail of a Nomad’s Ewe
Constipation Euphorb PiteousHoney


Scabies Silken Garments
Pleurisy Indian Costus Powder with hot Oil-Ointment
Migraines Piece of cloth around the head
Black Bile Silk
InflammationsHot Tumors



Henna bandage
Burns HennaArum with Rose essence and vinegar


Henna Chewed
Leprosy Henna leaves submerged in water, squeezed. Drink for 40 days, 20 measures/per day with 10 measures of Sugar with Meat of young Ewe
Hair Henna
Tonsillitis Scrub Indian Costus with Water on Nose
Conjunctivitis Cold Water and do not touch the Eye
Pimples Arum
Poisoning Cupping