This month is the month of descent of misfortunes. In a year one Million and Eighty Thousand misfortunes descend, out of which Nine Hundred and Twenty Thousand, descend in the month of Safar. It is therefore mentioned in a Hadith by the Beloved of Allaah, Muhammad (SAW) that anyone who gives me the good news that he survived Safar, I will give him the good news of that person’s entering Paradise.

Prophet Adam’s mistake occurred in this month. Prophet Ibraheem was put into the fire on the 1st of Safar. Prophet Ayyub got involved in his misfortune in this month. Prophet Yahya , Prophet Idrees , Prophet Yunus and Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings be upon them) the Beloved of Allaah SWT were all involved and put into trials in this month. Hadrat Habeel {Able, son of Adam } was martyred in this month.

Special Nawafil for the month of Safar

It is important for all Muslims to perform, on the first night of Safar, 4 Raka’h {Nafl Salah} after Salatul Isha in a manner that in the first Raka’ah after Surah Al Fatihah is recited Surah Al kafiroon 15 times and in the 2nd Raka’h {after Surah Al Fatihah} is recited Surah Al Ikhlas 15 times and in the 3rd Raka’h {after Surah Al Fatihah} is recited Surah Al Falaq 15 times and in the 4th Raka’h {after Surah Al Fatihah} is recited Surah An Naas 15 times. After Salaam recite and recite Salatunnabi 70 times. Allaah will protect him from all misfortunes and difficulties and bestow great Thawab {Reward} upon them. {Raahatul Quloob}